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Cord Integrated Crop Management On Local Coconut Hybrid, Catigan Dwarf X Laguna Tall (CATD X LAGT): Early Crop Development Years

An integrated crop management (ICM) on local coconut hybrid, Catigan dwarf x Laguna tall (CATD x LAGT) was conducted in a major Cl-deficient soil (Tugbok clay loam, Typic Tropudalf) at the Davao Research Center, Bago Oshiro, Davao City. Three levels each of nitrogen (as urea, 46% N) and chloride (as NaCl or common salt, 50%Cl) and the practice of integrated pest management (IPM) on coconut rhinoceros beetle in the early stage  (2000-2004) of crop development were tested.


From year 1 to year 4, the application of Cl (0.40 – 1.5 kg/palm/year) showed significant effects on the stem girth, leaf production rate and living fronds of the local hybrid.  Initial flowering was observed at 2.25 years from planting of palms with average rate of N (375 g urea) and double rate of Cl (1,600 g NaCl) fertilizer treatment, subsequently initial nut harvest at 3.9 years. At four years old, the highest % flowering was observed on the average rate (N1+Cl 1)-treated palms with 96 % flowering as compared to only 70% for control (N0+Cl0) palms. Correlation analysis showed that leaf-Cl content is the main determinant of growth indices and nut yield of hybrid CATD x LAGT palms. The use of green muscardine fungus (GMF) - impregnated trap boxes demonstrated highly effective control of coconut beetle population on hybrid palms in replanted coconut areas.


      The practice of ICM on coconut palms as the local hybrid used with proper combination of crop nutrition, fertilization management and IPM resulted in accelerated growth, early flowering and nut yield.

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