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Cord Direct In Vitro Shoot Development From Immature Rachilla Explants Of Coconut (Cocos Nucifera L.)

Young inflorescences extracted from the axil of the just opening leaf measuring about 12 cm was the source of explant.  The rachilla cut into bits of 5 to 7 mm were conditioned for two spells of 16 weeks each on half strength MS medium with 200 mg NaH2PO4, 1.0 mg Calcium pantothenate 0.05 mg Biotin and 0.01 mg folic acid fortified with 41.41 µM picloram and 4.54 µM thidiazuron, 30 g sucrose, 1g/l activated charcoal and 5.5 g/l agar and incubated in the dark. They were maintained for a third spell of 16 weeks on modified ½ MS with 20.71µM picloram and 4.54 µM TDZ  followed by  a change to modified ½ MS medium with 8.28 µM and 4.54 µM TDZ, maintained in diffused light showed the emergence of shoots from the floral primordia. They on transfer to basal media without hormones and incubated in light developed into plantlets. The presence of picloram, TDZ, biotin, calcium pantothenate and folic acid were crucial for the shoot development.

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