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Cord Biology And Mass Rearing Studies Of Eucanthecona Furcellata Wolf (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) A Potential Polyphagous Predator And Its Effect On Field Population Of White Slug Caterpillar, Parasa Prilepida And Cabadbaran, Agusan

The biology and mass rearing of Eucanthecona furcellata Wolf, a polyphagous predator, was studied under laboratory conditions.


The predator has a total life cycle (egg to adult) of 46.25 days. The egg hatched 6 days after laying. The nymphs undergo seven instars with each stage ranging from 2.0 ‑ 2.35 days.


Mass‑rearing techniques, effect of field releases and other ecological factors on pest population as well as other biological informations are also described.

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