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Potential For Virgin Coconut Oil In The Global Market

The global market trend is changing, nearly 49% of consumers around that world are thinking there are overweight and trying to lose weight. They are seeking to the healthful-food choices with help from food and beverage producer. “There is the opportunities of food manufacturer and retailer to lead a healthy movement by providing the products and service that consumer want and need” said Susan Dunn, global professional service, Nielsen.  Coconut is becoming well know health and natural food around the world especially in European counties and United Stage of America. The coconut related product has exported to those countries by Asian supplier continuously. Coconut oil is the most value added products, perception of coconut oil as the saturated fat is changed, Luaric acid and MTC are becoming known by consumer as the healthy nutrition. Not only has the B to C marketed but coconut oil also important role in the B to B market for food ingredient field. From the effect of reducing sugar added, trans-fat and sodium content in foods. Many manufactures need to replace those ingredients by using coconut oil to get healthier food products. Since the demand of consumer is rising every day with the technology, back to basic concept based on new innovation to create new coconut related products are also important role to provide outstanding products and to create new potential coconut products in the world market.


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