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Development Of Advanced Veneer & Other Products From Coconut Wood To Enhance Livelihoods In South Pacific Communities

This paper presents key findings from the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)-funded CocoVeneer project FST/2009/062: Development of advanced veneer and other product from coconut wood to enhance livelihoods in South Pacific communities.Large areas of mature coconut palms across the Pacific region are considered senile and unproductive when compared to younger palms and newer varieties. To help generate an economic driver for replacing senile stems, ACIAR has funded two recent projects. The CocoWood Project ran from 2007-10 and analysed the properties of coconut wood and processing technologies, identifying appropriate solid wood processing protocols and developing a range of products. The CocoVeneer project, completed in mid-2016, aimed to develop means to sustainably convert senile coconut stemsinto veneer and veneer-based products, and to produce complementary agricultural products for export or use in Pacific Island economies, particularly Fiji, Samoa and Solomon Islands. The project supported economic development in these and other Pacific countries.

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