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Going Into Integrated Coconut Processing: What Lies Underneath The Tip Of The Iceberg

Coconut products from integrated processing are good for our health. This realization drives the global demand for coconut-based products. Old-timers and new players in the coconut industry who were bold enough to invest in integrated processing way ahead of the pack have already been reaping the gainsof a “sellers’ market” for high-value coconut products for almost a decade. New players, with and without experience in the coconut industry, are attracted by success storiesof those who already went into integrated coconut processing. The new players are all aware that in any new business ventures there will always be risks. But the extent of these risks only becomes apparent either through experience or learning from knowledgeable sources. These risks are like icebergs, highly visible in the surface but what really lies beneath remains hidden and enormous. This presentation aims to uncover the perils hidden below the surface before an aspiring integrated coconut processor smashes into the iceberg that could sink even the “unsinkable” Titanic. Understanding the extent of these risks during project development will save the aspiring integrated coconut processor lots of headaches and sleepless nights from budget overruns, delays, inappropriate technologies, lost opportunities, and product wastages during project implementation and subsequent factory operation. One of the highlights of the presentation will be a discussion on how an aspiring processor can leverage the investment in a well-crafted front-end engineering design to avoid the icebergs in his journey towards success.



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