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Coconut Processing In Lampung Regency

Coconut is a major crop in South Lampung Regency which is cultivated by most of farmers, either in a monocrop plantation or intercropped with other crops. South Lampung Coconut is used and sold either in fresh coconut or in processed coconut.  Some products of processed coconut in South Lampung regency include copra, coconut sugar, nata de coco, virgin coconut oil (VCO), coconut fiber (cocodust and cocopeat), coconut shell charcoal, briquettes and activated carbon which are produced by either small scale industries (home industries) or large companies. Majority of coconut processing industries are small scale industries owned by individuals or groups, while large companies are mostly foreign companies.


Local government of South Lampung Regency through the State Crop Office gives an intensive attention to the development of coconut sector in South Lampung. Government programs for the sector are financed by the central government and the local government.  To maintain coconut as a leading commodity in South Lampung, programs and activities are carried out including: (1) coconut cultivation training; (2) inventory of coconut trees in high yielding block as a source of seed nuts; (3) diversification of coconut with cocoa; (4) control of the coconut pest attack (artona); (5) giving of pesticides to control coconut crop pests and diseases; (6) rehabilitation and replanting of coconut plant; (7) coconut seed breeding; and (8) the supply of coconut seedlings ready to be planted for coconut farmers.  The government also provides guidance and assistance towards processing coconuts and its derivative products for individuals or groups of farmers. The guidance and assistance provided are (1) training on producing nata de coco; (2) training on producing coconut sugar; (3) training on packaging coconut products; (4) equipments supports to process coconut fiber, coconut oil, nata de coco, virgin coconut oil, liquid smoke, coconut sugar, coconut husk doormat and copra drying unit.


South Lampung government is also committed to develop Kopyor Coconut known as Kelapa Puan Kalianda (KPK). Since 2011, South Lampung government in collaboration with the Research Institute of Palm (Balitpalma) Manado and Bogor University (IPB) has been working on releasing KPK variety as a local variety to be used as a source of national seed nuts. In 2013, Kelapa Puan Kalianda has been listed in the National Variety Release Center, Ministry of Agriculture. KPK variety is scheduled to be released in late 2016.


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