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Coconut Based Farming Systems In Atolls Experience And Prospects

Atolls are very significant features in the face of the Earth especially in the tropics. The tropics lie some 23 and 27 degrees North and South of the Equator where all the APCC member countries are situated. Significantly, coconut is the only dominant crop grown in these atolls. The cultivation patterns are usually unplanned and often-times forested i n uninhabited atolls. While no statistics have been recorded as to what percent of world coconut hectarage are in atolls, it would interest scientists and researches to conduct studies on how we could rehabilitate the present stand of coconut trees in these islands and islets, catching up with modern technology on coconut management. Commerc i a 1 fertilization is unknown to coconut farmers in atolls although they may be using organic fertilization methods in the dumping of their coconut husk and other refuse. This paper is presented in order that significant researches may be conducted on how coconut farms situated in atolls may catch up with the advance technology on coconut propagation.

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