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An Up To Date Research Profile On Coconut Based Farming Systems

Research on coconut based farming systems is still In its infancy. The observation made in many of the coconut growing countries that Ii ght transmi ssion in coconut plantations is generally over 40% focused the attention of researchers to undertake mixed cropping trials with a variety of annual crops and perennials. Results from root studies on coconut and its growth habit enabled pianning of farmi ng trials with better rationale. From the trials conducted so far in India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Western Samoa, tubers (cassava, taro, elephant foot yam, lesser yam), rhizome spices (ginger, turneric), vegetables (chi1i, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, shallots), banana, pineapple, passion fruit, robusta coffee, black pepper, cinnamon, clove and cocoa are found to be the more important crops that could be successfully grown in coconut land. The better yield performance of coconut- cocoa, coconut-cocoa-pepper-pineapple, and coconut based high density systems and the favourable ecoclimate and soil changes that were observed in these systems have given some insight into the dynamics of the farmi ng systems. The integrated coconut-grass- cattle system with recycling of cattle waste and production of biogas has high employment potential and income generation capability. In the light of the available information on coconut based farming systems, the research profile is discussed so as to bring out priority areas of the future.

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