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Extension Strategy And Methodologies For Transfer Of Techology For Popularization Of Coconut Based Farming Systems

Extension in Coconut Based Farming Systems.(CBFS) is considered as an intervention to the existing "commodity development" system in order to change it to a more broad-based agricultural and rural development process in coconut growing communities. The aim of the strategy is to change peoples outlook on coconut farming. The transfer of technology from outside to the farming system is inadequate in this endeavour. Enhancing peoples critical consci ousness for change through their active participation in the change process and education through action and reflection are more important. The extension strategy proposed attempts to bring about self reliance to the coconut farming communities through farming systems so that people will become true partners in the development process. The strategy drew inspiration from Freirian thoughts on extension, non formal education and from experiences on Peoples Participatory Projects in Rural Development

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