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Management Of Coconut Based Farming Systems

Unlike monocrop of coconut, the management needs of coconut based farming systems are di verse and complex because of the involvement of different species of plants and animals interacting over long periods of time. Though wide choices of crops and animals are available as components of the farming system, their correct choice keeping in view the soil and climatic conditions and their compati bility is the first management consideration that will contribute to the success of the system. Method of planting and the planting density of coconut as well as that of component crops, time of planting, crop rotation for higher yields, varied cultural operations for weed control and economy in fertilizer use, canopy management for better light transmission, recycling biomass at high density integrated farming system levels, employment generation potential of the systems and its effect on labour availability in peak seasons of agricultural operations,post harvest processing needs of the component crops and market infrastructure for products arising out of farming system adoption are some of the management problems requiring careful attention. These as well as a restructuring approach to improve the productivity of the traditional farming systems are presented in this paper.

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