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Constraints At The Smallholder’s Level In The Adoption Of High Yielding Coconut Varieties

Coconut hybrids have been known for many years to be superior over most traditional planting materials. Unfortunately, most smallholders are constrained to adopt hybrids for quite a number of reasons. Socio-economic aspects ranging from inequitable income and land distribution, under-employment and low farm wages to biased sharing systems in tenanted farms as well as insecurity were identified to contribute to the sm all farmers  reluctance  to adopt innovative farming  practices . The failure of extension ists to update/inform farmers of new technology because of the lack of effective  communicatio n  techniques and defective demonstration techniques makes farmers, who have been described as complacent and tradition bound, more indifferent to change. Hybrids deserve better treatment in order to fully appreciate their genetic value. The use of fertilizers is stressed as the most important component of the POT for hybrids. The suggested measures to remedy the constraints met by smallholders include; the use of more effective systems of communication to reach the farmers like radio and increased personal contacts with extension people; subsidized rehabilitation  through  fertilizer  application ; exemption  of small to medium  owner- operated farms from agrarian reform; zonification of hybrid use as well as liberalized farming system and research for better planting materials.

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