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Current State Of The Art Of The Use Of Tissue Culture Techniques In Vegetative Propagation Of Coconut In Sri Lanka

Culture of coconut tissues derived from the tender leaf, inflorescence and immature embryo was attempted with a view to develop methodologies for vegetative propagation of coconut. Tender leaf tissues produced somatic embryos and some neoformations without any callus intermediate. These somatic embryos did not develop any further but produced callus which was easily subcultured . Callus was also obtained  from inflorescence explants for micropropagation. Large numbers of somatic embryos can be produced from the immature embryo callus. Callus induction from immature embryo is highly dependent on stage of development of the embryo but was rather rare. Mature zygotic embryos of coconut have been germinated  in  vitro  and transferred to soil successfully. In addition, methods have been developed for explanting  and culture  of embryos in the field and for short term preservation of mature zygotic embryos. The feasibility of using the embryo culture technqiue for screening drought tolerant coconuts is also being investigated.

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