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Smallholders Experience With High Yielding Varieties Of Coconut : Summary Of Findings Of A Field Study

Direct adoption or localization of exotic hybrids or self reliance are the methods used in introducing high yielding coconut varieties. Government sponsored programmes  which some times includes establishment and maintenance up to bearing age had a greater impact on spread of exotic hybrids. In the hands of small holders though hybrids outyielded  local varieties have produced less compared to experimental yields. A ssociated  with this high cost of establishment,planting material,purchased inputs and maintenance and extra cost of processing have resulted in lower net returns on investment. Inadequate supply, distributional problems and lack of choice in planting material, inappropriate  planting  strategies  and programmes have prevented the benefits, of high yielding varieties to a greater number of potential beneficiaries. The study calls for a fresh approach to the use of high yielding varieties in coconut development programmes.

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