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Coconut Oil In The North American Market: Existing Barriers And Future Potential

This paper looks a t the origins, both scientific  and political, of the anti -tropical oils campaign . Several key groups are examined to show their role in the campaign’s development. Additionally, the campaign’s effect on production and m arketing of coconut oil is examined, as well as how U.S. food m anufacturers and foreign food producers have bought the anti-coconut oil hype. The continuation of the campaign, along with new dietary twists, are examined in order to better explain how consumer perceptions are being shaped for the next decade. One of the objectives of this paper is to provide coconut oil producers  with strategies  by w hich to counter the current anti-saturated fat dogma, which has captured the medical clinicians’,media’s, and consumers’ hearts  even as it is in creasingly   rejected  by the medical /nutritional scientists ’ brains. Strategies  to improve coconut oil’s m arketing position relative to its main competitors, the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, are described: these depend not only on describing coconut oil’s strengths, but also on exploiting its competitors’ inherent weaknesses. The latter is very im portant, particularly in light of the success of the current anti-tropical oils campaign. A necessary condition for ensuring the growth of the coconut oil industry is winning the "health" war, which is winnable. However, that may not be sufficient as high technology provides a new, powerful threat to coconut oil’s domination in certain important areas.

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