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Quality Standards For Edible Coconut Products: Problems And Implications

The paper deals on the quality standards for some edible coconut products that are traded locally and internationally . It also briefly  discussed  the importance of formulating standards for products being traded and the steps in establishing them. Quality  problems encountered  in marketing  coconut products such as copra, copra m eal/cake coconut milk and desiccated coconut and their economic and industry implications were discussed. Strategies were given on how to solve the aflatoxin problem on copra and copra  meal/cake  so as not to lose the E uropean as well as th e United  States  markets . Recommendations  were likewise proposed  for the development of coconut export products. The scope of draft report of the APCC Task Force for Selected Standards for Coconut Products on the Code of Principles and Standards for Aqueous Coconut Products and Uniform Standards for Desiccated Coconut was presented.

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