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Processing And Marketing Of Coir Geotextiles

Coir geotextiles are biodegradable and used successfully mainly in soil erosion control and temporary soil reinforcement. By retaining soil particles  and  allowing water to pass through they protect banks and slopes against erosion by rain fallor overflow .While meeting most of the technical requirements such as permeability ,plant penetration  and tensile  strength , coir geotextiles have the unique advantage over synthetics due to their bio degradability and environmental - friendly nature .A very substantial growth  in the use of coir geotextiles can be achieved only if the producing countries  join hands to undertake a concerted generic promotiona  action in the major  markets . The marketing efforts  should be directed  to specifiers  and  civil engineers by convincing them of the effective use of coir geotextiles as environmentally desirable engineering material.

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