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Copra Dryers And Copra Drying Technologies

This   paper briefly  discusses the basic principles of drying coconuts followed by the findings of the performance evaluation on existing  dryes  (Tapahan  Dryer ,  Modified  Kukum  Dryer ,   UPLB  Dryer )  in  the  PhilIppines  and  the development  of new coconut  dryers . Th e  results  refl ect  their performance  regarding  the  uniformity  of  drying ,  labor  requirements  and  the quality  produced .  A  series  of  drying  trials   wa s  carried  out  to  determine  their  main  advantages and disadvantages . Based on  the results  and  additional   information  on  the perception  on what a coconut dryer should  be , a  set  of criteria   was  established . Since there was no  dryer  among  the  tested  which  could  meet  these  criteria ,  a  new  indirect  dryer  and  a  solar dryer  were developed  and  tested .  The paper also describes  the main features  of  these dryers  and  the results  of  the  testing  done so far.

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