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Coconut Fibre Processing And Marketing

Coir is the natural fibre extracted from the coconut husk, the fibrous material enveloping the nut which consists of exocarp and mesocarp of the fruit. The production and processing of coir fibre is a traditional cottage industry predominant in India and in Sri Lanka. Coir fibre is a versatile multi cellular fibre with high percentage of cellulose and lignin. The fibre owes its hardness and rigidity to the high lignin content. Coir is preferred because it is natural, strong, durable, rot proof and resilient.  The fibre is spun into yarn with the use of spinning wheels, and machine. This yarn finds its end use as yarn for agriculture, packing, transportation. About 20% of yarn gets converted into products mainly floor furnishing materials such as mats, mattings, rugs and carpet and also coir geo-textiles. The brown coir fibre finds its end use for the production of rubberised coir, coir needled felts for upholstery work, sound modulations etc.  In this paper, attempt is made to touch on the various processing of coir fibre and manufacture of products and marketing.

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