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Buko Water Of Immature Coconut Is A Universal Urinary Stone Solvent

The quest for an ideal solution to dissolve the problematic recurrent urinary stones inspite of modern treatment with ESV& is continuing. The BUKO WATER (BW) of 6 - 10 months young coconut seems to be the ANSWER. Its multiplicity of preparation as: FBW = Fresh Buko Water, BNC - BW Nectar Concentrate, and BAP = BW Powder in Ampule has passed the test of dissolving all kinds of stones in patients by using BUKOLYSIS or direct stone irrigation. 696 Kidney Ureteral stones in 368 compromised patients with multiple and bilateral stones were dissolved. BUKOLYSIS series resulted in 90% Kidney and 98% Ureters being STONE FREE. The procedure used is the direct irrigation with 2 to 3 Buko Water per day of patients thru MUS = Multiple Ureteral Stinting which is an endescopic insertion of 2 to 13 ureteral catheters and PCN = Percutaneous Nephroscopy Inigation.    The Oral Buko Water Therapy (OBW) is taking 2 to 3 glasses of BW preparations effectively in the dissolution/passage of smaller stones. It is highly effective in preventing as well as treating stone fragrnents of ESWL.  The Buko Water Stone Factor (BWStFs) which dissolved all stones remained in the urine of 6 normal control and 8 stone patients in a Cross-over therapy. Laboratory experiments of stone dissolution was confirmed by Flow-by method, irrigation, dropped, soaked and simulated in Vivo experiments. The BW preparations mobilized crystals mostly calcium detected by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry of 129 Iddney ureter and bleeder stones alliquotes. The physical stone size reduction of 10 to 19% per day was documented by x-ray CRD Spectrophotometry and volumentric changes. XRD studies of diin sliced stone has shown erosion of all crystals and the stone metric which resulted in the dissolution and delivery of stones from suffering patients.  The BW-StFs studies by lonic spectrophotometry, Electrophoresis and protein studies indicated the substance to be an unstable ENZYME(s) that needs further evaluation, purification, identification and its preparation in Commercial Stable Medication for treatment of ALL ORDINARY STONE patients.

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