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Cord Evaluation Of Properties Of Dikiri Pulp In The Formulation Of Jam

The peculiar farm of coconut,” Dikiri” was studied for its kernel composition including pectin content with the objective of developing a jam out of Dikiri kernel. Three levels of Dikiri pulp, 20%, 30%  and 40 % were evatuated to prepare Dikiri base jam. Two type of jam were prepared;jam made with dikiri only as a fruit pulp and the jam with Dikiri pulp together with 10 % pineapple. They were tested for sensory attributes and were compared with pineapple jam prepared with added commercial high methoxcyl petcin.The best jam was selected for shelf life  study at room temperature. Results showed that Dikiri kernel differs from ordinary coconut for all the variable tested in proximate composition analysis. Dikiri kernel continued 16.6% high methoxcyl pectin on a dry weight basis. The jam with 30% Dikiri pulp was selected as the best total ratio and the incorporation of 10% pineapple pulp into Dikiri gives better sensory properties compared with with Dikiri only jam. In conclusion there is possibility of formulation of jam without adding external pectin with considerable sensory acceptbility  and good keeping quality.


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