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Technologies On Environment - Friendly Young Tender Coconuts

The planting of dwarf coconuts for the production of young tender coconuts (YTC) has not been extensively established in many coconut growing countries all over the world. Yet, the YTC industry has been shown to be profitable not only in Malaysia, but also in Thailand and several other countries. Planting selected varieties such as Malayan Yellow Dwarf, Chowghat Orange Dwarf (India), King Coconuts (Sri Lanka) or Nam Hon (Thailand) in specific localities not only in harmony with the enviromnent, but will both beautify the landscape and gives the grower higher returns from the nuts. 

In this paper, several major aspects in the production technology ofYTC are presented. More than 25 locally popular varieties from 12 countries have been identified. The hedge-row planting system is helpful for it could facilitate the use of machinery in farm activities. Pre-and post-harvest technologies on the tendernuts are also outlined in the paper. The technique of producing egg coconuts is explained besides proposing how the by products of YTC could be utilized. Thus, it is not suprising if one could conclude that YTC has commercial prospects globally.

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