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Technological Developments And Achievements Of The Coconut Sector In Indonesia : A Case Model On Agro-Based Industrialization

Coconut is an important commodity in Indonesia, and it is used for industrial and household purposes. The meat, water, husk, shell, and other parts of coconut are processed into food and non food products. Research and development activities on coconut processmg are conducted on product and process development quality improvement, and environmentally friendly technologies. The technologies are developed for small and medium scale industries in the processing of coconut meat (oil, coco milk, coco cream), coconut water (nata de coco, beverages), coconut sap (molded and granulated coconut sugar, syrup), coconut husk (fibres), and coconut shell (charcoal). The approach to the integrated coconut processing mdustry will give the positive effects in increasing income of farmers, creating job opportunities, supporting the regional development, and increasing export earnings.

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