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Quality Requirements Of Coconut Products : An Importers Point Of View

Europe and the rest of the world face a changing market for Food Products. Court action against Food suppliers is on the increase. Also new laws here in Europe means that not just are workers liable for action but also the managing directors are also liable for fines or prison sentences. So what is the answer for a modem food factory. Whether you are a developed or developing country the best solution is the use of a HACCP system. This system relies on the company examining their own product looking at where there are inherent risks to the safety of that product and devise a series of controls to stop the risk becoming unacceptable. HACCP is a complex system that helps to try and give a not just some for of quality control but quality assurance as well. Designed by NASA to make sure astronauts had food with Zero defects. The large supennarket chains are also driving these new increases in Food safety as they strive to get a competitive advantage over their nearest nvals. These companies not only demand better raw materials but they all now employee quality auditors to go and check the suppliers themselves. Edible coconut products are seen as a cheap high bulk raw material with an exotic taste. Most food manufactures now run lines with coconut in their products. Manufactures in the APCC must make sure that they quality stays high for these products or face losing sales.

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