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Limitations To Coconut Trading In The Pacific And Possible Solutions - An Importer’s Perspective

Development and progress in the coconut industry can only be maintained by continuing to focus on the realistic and discarding the unworkable. There is already a wide diversity of achievement in APCC countries, so in some respect this process must already be operating, but there is still some way to go. Potential barriers to success need to be identified and eliminated. The choice o f personnel, markets, logistics or products can be the difference between the development o f a successful vibrant industry and the wasting of huge amounts of revenue on a financial dodo. It is therefore critical to understand the qualities a successful trading manager needs to possess, various different types of trading which may be encountered, the difficulties o f Pacific logistics, and identifying the ultimate consumer markets at which a developing industry needs to be aimed. Despite some signs o f optimism, there remains a danger that origin coconut industries might suffocate under the weight o f feasibility studies, political interference and opportunism, and stagnant ideas. Existing areas of trade are over subscribed and excessively competitive with limited scope for return on investment. These issues must be addressed if the coconut industry is to find the fresh direction, markets and products necessary for it to continue being a significant domestic contributor of foreign exchange earnings, employment and social stability. In consuming countries market emphasis is constantly shifting but becoming increasingly aware o f environmental considerations, a trend that can only increase with passing years. The coconut industry must gear itself to this already multi-billion dollar market and look at how processes and products can be adapted or developed to fulfil new market demand.

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