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Tariff & Non Tariff Barriers In Coconut Trading

The world trade environment has been liberalized. It is now one big, borderless global market. Free trade, however, has called for reduction and eventually removal of trade protection mechanisms -  tariff and non-tariff, among market country participants, big and small, developed as well as developing economies, to level the playing field. products, whose market is the world, are subject to this new business climate. facilitate discussion, this paper will deal mainly with the copra complex, which are the Coconut To highly traded coconut commodities in the international market, out of the Philippines’ over forty various coconut products and by-products exported last year. trading, however, has also evolved some form of protective shields for Competing products and services in consuming markets in the form of tariff and non-tariff barriers to Borderless trade. This has been shown by petitions for the restructuring of, or delay in tariff reduction schedules, as well as issuance of new measures affecting trade. Thus, this paper will discuss the tariff and non-tariff barriers presently being built to protect the interest of industries in consuming markets. Likewise, it will present the Philippines commitments to trade bodies with respect to the oilseeds complex.

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