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Promoting Coconut Products In The Middle East Niche Markets

Successful promotional practice is one of the most important elements of international trading. It usually represents a significant amount of the funds allocated to the sales efforts. Effective campaigns are tangible resources, and their use should be optimised whenever possible, as with any important asset. In markets without a full range of resources at hand, effective promotional campaigns are the company’s best salesmen. For a number of coconut products, the ability of a promotional campaign to establish and maintain a product image is the key factor in gaining entry of that product in to the Middle East niche markets. Promotional support for coconut products sold in the Middle East niche markets is much more than a major element o f cost. A strong promotional strategy developed in one niche can be a critical factor in sales success in another in the region. Exporters in coconut producing countries can use a range of sales promotional techniques to make their products known to importers and buyers when promotional campaigns are earned out in the Middle East niche markets. Among these are sales promotion literature, sales trips, trade fairs and advertising. The selection of those to be applied in a particular market situation depends on the export company’s long-term promotional strategy. Often several promotional techniques can be combined to produce the best results.

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