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International Trade And Markets Of Coconut Oil

Coconuts were brought into the Philippmes by its Spanish colonizers centuries ago. Coconut oil is traded from origin by millers, consumers, miller/traders, consumer/traders, pure traders. The coconut oil trade started and grew when copra crushing ceased operations in the U.S.A. In Western Europe, there appears to be only one small copra crushing plant left . More often than not, supply and demand affect coconut oil prices. However, there have been occasions when the reverse was true. Price is likewise influenced even by non-competing other oils. Weather does affect pricing since coconut production is directly related. Traditional markets for coconut oil are the United States and Western Europe. Then U.S.S.R. was once a big buyer and so was China. The latter made an appearance again Just recently, while Mexico comes in once in a while. The potential is there for other destination markets.

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