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Information Sharing And Technology Transfer In Coconut

Undisputedly, Information sharing and transfer of technology holds a key for the development of coconut industry globally and also domestically. Industrial development will continue to depend on exchange of information and effective transfer of technology. Although, substantial improvement in sharing of information and transfer of technology through APCC has been achieved but the current institutional framework for technology transfer in most of the countries severely limits the effectiveness of public extension system to disseminate location specific technology to different socio-economic group of farmers. In the wake of economic liberalization, where the private sector and commercial farmers are taking more responsibility, information is available through world-wide web, there is need for strengthening of linkages and achieve better system of integration among the agencies involved in technology transfer. In India, focus of technology transfer specially for agriculture was on human or commodity development. Training and visit system of technology transfer was adopted which was more suited to the rapid dissemination of broad-based crop management practices. Several other model of technology transfer like demonstration of technology and training, media mediated transfer etc. have been followed, and achievement of all these models are well recognized. However, in changing scenario, system approach having financial sustamability, farmer participation in programme planning, and effective linkages are called for. Therefore, technology transfer proposed is an innovative technology dissemination which bridges the gap and establishes effective linkages for the flow of appropriate technology to users/farmers. Appropriate information package and its dissemination as an input assumes added emphasis in this age of information. The required information has to be delivered to the end user at one place, which calls for "single window" support system linking various units with intermediary users and users in decision making and problem solving exercise. Approaches, which focus on coconut would help in achieving overall development.Nineties witnessed unprecedented socio-economic growth which probably has been due to the pace of technology upgradation in information technology and is becoming increasingly critical for exchange and transfer of knowledge. No distinction appears could be between the impact of the technology itself and the means by which it is transferred. There is a need for significant efforts in making the technology transfer process a mutually beneficial exercise for both end user and contributor of technology. In sharing of infonnation and dissemination of technologies, APCC could play a catalytic and facilitator role among coconut growing countries. The approach should be to evolve new methodologies and pilot tests to demonstrate the usefulness of technologies on coconut for eventual adoption by member countries. Also major emphasis should be given to assist small and medium enterprises in technology acquisition, adoption and upgradation through its technology information and promotion services.

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