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The Future Of The Coconut Industry And Strategies For Global Competitiveness

The coconut industry is growing in terms of production and export volume. However, its share in the world coconut oils and fats trade has consistently declined in the past four decades. Industry performance indicates that the decline in coconut oil share in world trade seems to be an outcome of the industry's lower production growth rate, compared to those of competitors, and not basically due to shift in consumer preference to coconut oil substitutes. Vast growth opportunities remain for the coconut industry, particularly in oleochemical, oleofoods and oleoenergy sectors. For the industry lo recapture its global competitiveness, it must consider strategic initiatives in the organization and management of farms in order to increase productivity; of primary and even secondary processing in order to enhance efficiency; of high value product development and delivery in order to ensure growth; and, of industry advocacy in order to sustain its niche in the global fats and oils community.

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