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Global Coconut Research For Development Programme (PROCORD)

This paper deals with the genesis of PROCORD, goals and objectives priority research areas, proposed organizational structure, programme coordination and meetings. The original proposal made by BUROTROP and COGENT for the establisment of a global coconut research programme along the commodity chain approach was well received by the representatives from 34 coconut producing countries who attended the COCOTECH meeting in Chennai, India in July 2000. This meeting recommended that a well-coordinated and well-supported coconut global research programme be developed along the commodity chain approach to address the research areas that seriously limit coconut productivity and income. Research priority areas have been identified which are subject to periodical changes as needed. The coordination of PROCORD will be performed by a committee comprising the Chair and Executive Director of APCC; the Chair of the Board of Administrators and Executive Director of BUROTROP; and the Chair of the COGENT Steering Committee and the COGENT Coordinator. Six research and development programmes have been assigned lo APCC, BURTOTROP and COGENT as their lead responsibilities. Under this COGENT will handle Genetic Resources and Improvement and Socio-economics and Policy Support; BUROTROP will handle Agronomy and Coconut Based Farming Systems and Crop Protection; and APCC will deal with Processing and Marketing.

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