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Integrated Management Of Coconut Pests And Future Strategy To Develop Competitive Pest Management Systems

Many major and minor pests attack the coconut palm and cause substantial reduction in the yield of nuts. Monocultures, excessive use of chemical inputs and improper irrigation management have, of late, triggered the outbreak of certain pests and diseases. Destruction of natural enemies of insect and mite pests, resurgence of sucking pests and pesticide residue problems in tender coconut have been reported from some states in India as the fall out of excessive use of chemical pesticides. Though the value of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in sustainable agriculture has been well recognized, very little iis being adopted at the field level. The major requirement for ensuring sustainable production of crops is to guard them against the onslaught of pests, diseases and weeds without any negative fall out of the control agents. The integrated management of rhinoceros beetle, leaf caterpillar, red palm weevil, eriophyid mite and miscellaneous other pests as well as the field requirements for effective implementation of IPM programmes have been discussed.

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