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Coconut Diseases In India And Their Management

Coconut farming in India is threatened by the outbreak of lethal and non lethal diseases. The common diseases occurring in the country include, bud rot, stem bleeding, basal stem rot, leaf blight, lethal leaf blight, root wilt and Thatipaka disease These diseases are generally managed through fungicides, biocontrol agents, nutrient management, organic manures and through the Integrated Disease Management, Diagnostic kit for the early detection of basal stem rot of coconut has been developed for the management of basal stem rot. Root wilt disease is managed through the planting of quality disease free and high yielding WCT, CGD and the natural cross seedlings of WCT x COD. As the rate of spread of Thatipaka disease caused by phytoplasma is very limited unlike the root will, the affected palms are eradicated.

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