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Strategies For Enhancing Productivity And Income Of Coconut Farmers In Samoa

The paper highlights that since 1970s the coconut industry has been declining in Samoa. Many copra producers have stopped producing copra because the price was too low. The contribution  of coconut exports to total national export income fell from 66% in 1996 to a low of 7% in 2001 and 14% in 2003. In terms of export, only a combined total of 2000 tons of copra and coconut oil were exported in 2003. Samoan Government is encouraging and supporting organic coconut production and has 13 fully certified organic farms, with a further 28 either in conversion status or in the training stages. New technologies for production of virgin coconut oil and other value added products are being attempted. Given the present state of affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture has undertaken a review of the coconut industry and came up with a number of recommendations to revive the industry like conducting assessment of existing processing facilities in Samoa for maximum utilization and assessing market potential for its coconut products. The Ministry of Agriculture is also working with the private sector to develop new products.

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