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Coir Brickquette Making And Geotextile Machineries

The paper explained about Essar Engineers which is recognised for its engineering of machinery to process products from coconut husk. The company can provide technology and machines to produce coir fibre and coco-peat from coconut husk. The paper narrates on the quality requirements for coco peat, production process required to meet the quality standards, usages of the coco peat, economics involved in producing transportation of coco peat, application of coco peat and the market requirements. The paper mentions about under utilization of husk in the Pacific Islands and the values for the products obtained from the coconut husk. The coco peat is eco-friendly and a renewable resource substituting ‘PEAT’ which is mined and used in horticulture industry creating enviromental disaster. The presentation also includes a Video on the working of these machines, producing coir fibre and coco peat.

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