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Coconut World : An Integrated Approach To Increasing The Income Of Smallholders

The paper discusses about Coconut World and how coconut palm has a long and close history with human society and can play a crucial role in ecologically sound and sustainable agriculture. The paper highlights the association of coconut with tropical beaches in providing a great attraction for tourists as a symbol of relaxation and provides food to eat, water to drink, shelter to stay and enjoy the beauty of different sizes, statures of coconut along beaches and waterways. The Coconut World was based on the concept of agro-tourism with the agriculture park for research, education and tourism which can benefit the rural and urban communities. The coconut theme park envisaged for Indonesia encompasses coconut germplasm collection as part of International Coconut Gene Bank, with a component of Research and Development on germplasm, coconut based farming system, disseminating technologies for value added products and to promote marketing of these products. This Coconut World will aim at promoting the processing technologies as well as the potential buyers and investors. The paper also gave an account of facilities and services to be provided in the Coconut World which can promote eco-tourism. The Coconut World could be further developed by means of franchising the system in any country, maybe without the International Coconut Gene Bank. Coconut World as a single window system will promote research and development, demonstrate technologies, promote buyers and mvestors and above all attract tourists with its eco-friendly nature.

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