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Value Addition Through High Quality Coconut Husk Based Products - Marketing Strategies, Prospects And Emerging Coir Products

With the world’s increasing awareness on environmental issues, there is now a very strong trend towards the use of natural fibers, rapidly replacing synthetic and mineral fibers in many product applications. Among the natural plant fibers, coconut fiber is the cheapest and one of the most abundant, with still processing and future abundant additional supply possibilities among countries which still burn coconut husks as wastes. As the use of coconut fiber in many applications in construction, agriculture, and in the manufacture of various goods, particular attention is being given to coconut fiber or coco fiber dust properties which make them ideal for certain specific product applications. Different varieties of coconut husks, materials gathering systems, and methods of processing result to different product qualities. The different variation in quality of produce by different manufacturers eventually contributes to their ability to compete in the world market. Companies which develop coir products which replaces synthetic products are becoming popular in the world market. While it has been usually in developed countries where manufacture of coir end-products occurs, there has been gradually an increasing trend in coir producing countries in the manufacture of coir based products for added value and increased competitiveness.

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