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Integrated Approach In The Processing Of Coconut Products/ By - Products And Market Prospects In Kiribati

Kiribati, as is the case of many small copra-producing nations, has had its share of issues in the management and operation of its copra industry.  These have been highlighted in national consultations and reiterated in reports done by various consultants. Unfortunately, the issues remain to this day and will probably be around after our time, if no concrete plan is put into action to address these outstanding issues.    

This paper is therefore an attempt to highlight these repeated issues and will come up with proposals for where not only APCC may come in to assist but other potential donor partners could, with the implementation of real solutions. Real solutions that will most certainly address long outstanding issues that have for the past years hindered the full realization of the copra industry for this small island nation.  

Coconut trees, the essential supplier of coconuts are abundant and after light nurturing in the infancy stage they do not need much minding but in return give back a steady supply of coconuts for up to an average producing life of 45 years. Prior papers presented to APCC have discussed ways of improving the overall copra earnings to the copra cutter, the grass root person. Now, it is time to put these plans into action. If just one of these proposals reaches fruition, Kiribati would be satisfied.

To realize this, Kiribati needs to adopt a holistic approach. The whole copra industry could not be segmented any longer. Planting, harvesting, collection, transportation, processing and exportation cannot operate as stand alone activities but rather as interrelated operations that where one ends the other begins. Functions performed by various bodies must realize they are part of the whole industry. Again, assistance from APCC and other donor partners play an important role in this plan.

World market prices must determine the thrust of the copra industry operation on whether to export raw or processed copra and by products.  Where Kiribati has established clientele on certain products on a win-win situation tested over time, these relationships need to be strengthened.  

Copra is the only industry in the country that touches the lives of many I-Kiribati. The Government of Kiribati is committed to supporting and improving this important industry. This attitude is reflected in Government’s Policy and is being implemented collectively by all line ministries.

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