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R & D Updates On Integrated Pest And Disease Management In Coconut – Malaysia Experience

The paper provided a summary list of the major pests (including mammalian pests) and diseases on coconut in Malaysia and the control measures used. The pest management practices in both plantations and smallholders were described and initiatives towards Integrated Pest Management were highlighted. Some updates on research and development activities were reported. These included: (i) Development of a trapping system with aggregated pheromones for monitoring palm weevil; (ii) Management of an invasive pest, Brontispa longissima and other hispids; (iii) Determination of monocrotophos residue levels; (iv) Comparison studies on trap types and pheromone blends for the rhinoceros beetle, and  (v) Studies on phytoplasmas and Coconut cadang cadang viroids (CCCVd).  The paper concluded with suggestions to mitigate key pests and disease problems, including exotic ones.  The suggestions were:  (i) Strategies towards improving the current practice of pest management for greater sustainability; (ii) Developing adequate diagnostic tools for detection of exotic invasive pests and pathogens, particularly lethal ones, and (iii) Enhancing efforts towards the efficient utilization of bio-based technologies based on their delivery system (e.g. Metarhizium anisopliae) and exploiting genetic variations (e.g. natural virulence of the Oryctes virus).

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