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Biojadi Natural Bio Nutrients As Nutrition Boaster To Fertilize Coconut Palm And Intercrops And The Positive Effects For Ganoderma Control

BioJadi is a natural and complete organic liquid plant food in a ready to be absorbed bio- available form. It is produced by a proprietary biotechnology formulation made up of natural botanical extracts, natural amino acids, natural activated enzymes and microbes. This product has been field tested in many different environments and climatic conditions for the past three years. It is explained that BioJadi can be used for all types of agriculture ranging from flowers, ornamental plants, soft, medium and hard tissue plants and rice. The detail of the crops benefits, farm benefits and economic benefits in using the BioJadi plant nutrients is also explained. This product is non toxic, biodegradable and does not contain any chemicals. It creates the unusual growth results in plants by being able to lower cost, increase in yield and enhance the profitability. Likewise, the method of BioJadi applications including the foliar spray and soil applications for different crops is highlighted.

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