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Updates And Priority Components Of The Global Coconut Genetic Resources Conservation Strategy

International Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT) was launched by Bioversity International in 1992 (former IPGRI) to improve coconut production on a sustainable basis and to increase incomes in developing countries through improved cultivation of coconut and efficient utilization of its products. COGENT started with 15 member countries, but rapidly developed into an active network involving nearly 40 coconut producing countries. One important milestone in the more recent past was the publication in January 2008 of The Global Conservation Strategy, which defines the framework for promoting the effective conservation and utilization of coconut genetic resources over the next 10 years. The Conservation Strategy is anchored on promoting the sustainable protection of diversity and maximizing its use. Coconut growing countries have recognized the necessity of employing a combination of conservation approaches and methods. Elements include national gene banks and the multi-site International Coconut Gene bank system (ICG), the international Coconut Genetic Resources Database (CGRD), in vitro embryo culture, somatic embryogenesis and cryo-preservation, in situ and on-farm conservation, and promotion of conservation through use. The presentation will provide further details on the latest developments and thinking in COGENT on in vitro embryo culture for germplasm exchange and on in-situ conservation of diversity through use.

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