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Marketing Trends And Tetra Pak Technology Knowledge

One of the fastest growing beverages, well favoured by the consumers, endorsed by the celebrities of its health and goodness:  Coconut water is taking the lead with soaring sales and attention. 

Brazil is by far the largest market for packed coconut water and Kero Coco is the country’s leading brand.  Over in the United States, coconut water brands such as Vitacoco, O.N.E. and Zico lead the market while in Europe, coconut water is making steady inroads as more people become aware of the health benefits of this nutrient-packed beverage. 

In building brand awareness, many of the larger brand owners are tapping on the vast networks provided by social media, such as Facebook, and online sites like Amazon, to reach their consumers and to get their message across – that coconut water is more than just a beverage but a lifestyle choice of the new generation. 

In Southeast Asia, where majority of the coconut production lies, we see a huge potential to grow this category.  In Tetra Pak, aided with expertise in processing and packaging know- how, the Coconut Knowledge Centre is another step towards helping its various partners and customers to ensure the quality of coconut water.

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