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Organic Coconut SAP Processing, Quality, Issues And Marketing

The beautiful country like Thailand has no different to others, it follows industrialisation and global trend for "materialised development'. With the given contrast for 40 years, the organic land has been diminishing. Coconut farming has been smaller while capabilities to innovate and lead for new designs have been recognised as leading in the region. Until people does realise, Thais may not be competitive leading itself jeopardised not having coconut supply. Yet, a small company called "Chiwadi products" chooses to follow ancient wisdom, incorporated with science and technology launching Coconut Flower Syrup.  

The company believes in interdependence with environment holding all remaining organic coconut sugar makers in Maklong-Thajean river, gradually influences them to see significant importance of being organic with support from Organic Agricultural Innovation Network (OAIN), Agriculture Department, Community Development Department and business alliances. The plan is to grow its community network strength applying organic certificates. 

Tapping coconut sap is known only for this particular river basin. There is rare to no successors as civilisation has taken family members out the farm for better recognised career paths. Within the next 15 years, the knowledge will be disappeared. The nectar makers are averagely at 50-80 years of age. As there has no support on coconut sugar, price has been lowered. It is so hard to keep the same product alive. No one knows authentic coconut sugar. Market adjusts itself to mixed sugar comprising with refined sugar, glucose syrup, colour and flavour. The benefits of high minerals and low GI in coconut sugar have been re-undiscovered or forgotten. Chiwadi sees the need to get back to ancient wisdom promoting authentic coconut sugar that fits with modern lifestyle.   

Chiwadi buys organic nectar and provide tools for farmers to follow specification, working with grass root people to ensure traceability, standard quality. The company networks with a recognised food factory, licensed the technology to launch Coconut Flower Syrup. The same model of business is being implemented in Indonesia to hold organic land lovers as one. Similar to Thailand, Indonesia also keeps abreast with the modernization and industrialization,     sometimes     in     uncontrollable    direction  whilch  often   jeopardize sustainability of land and all living organism absolutely pivotal for the life of future generation. There must be a counter mechanism to balance the characteristics of development. It is the same universally grounded reasons that make Chiawdi concept is effortlessly embraced in Indonesia and ties up the two countries in a coherent efforts Chiwadi works to get back fertile land from the past to next generations.   

Chiwadi simply markets the innovated products to premium affordable local markets, with words of mouth; its market expands to Singapore and soon after the organic certificate granted, it will be ready to move out to the eye of consumers with collaboration from Indonesia partner. Chiwadi lives with passion to drive immortal dream in “Natural Being for Health and Sustainability”. We all shall breathe organic air to protect the entire interdependence of all living creatures in the world as one 

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