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Small Scale Coconut Food Processing

Fresh mature coconut kernel containing about 35- 38% fat, 4.0% protein and other nutrients, is one of the important sources of energy for the people in the coconut producing countries. 

The water extract of coconut referred to as coconut milk is used in the preparation of daily meals of the people in Sri Lanka. Coconut milk is a perishable product and as such it is prepared. in the individual homes at the time of cooking. The coconut residue containing about 25-30% of fat and some protein is either thrown away or fed to domestic animals and not feasible to collect from individual households for further processing. The processes of preparation of heat sterilized coconut milk, 'Coconut Kernel Paste' and 'Sweetened Coconut Milk Beverage' described in the presentation was developed at the CISIR with the objective of providing the technology for potential industrialists for centralized processing of coconut for better utilization of by-products, while providing a coconut milk product with good organoleptic and nutritive quality for the consumer for food purposes. 

An outline of the above processes, quality of finished products, uses of finishes products, yield, equipment needed and their cost will be discussed in the presentation.

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