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Coconut - Based Technologies For The Edible Sector

Coconut as human food answers the need for diversification of its utilization. There are numerous food products derived from coconut, however, the paper describes technologies for processing and utilization of coconut that are adoptable in village scale. 

Detailed information on the description of the product and its uses, equipment and materials needed for its manufacture, labor requirement, description of the process and flow diagram and the analysis and stability of the products were given. Fifteen technologies were selected namely: edible oil from fresh coconut, coconut syrup, coconut sugar, buko (7-8 month coconut) in syrup, dried buko chips, coconut filled white soft cheese, coco yoghurt, cultured coconut skim milk-blend beverage, dehydrated edible mature coconut, nata de coco, coconut water vinegar, coconut water wine, coco champagne, coconut flour and products from coconut residue obtained from the wet process. The procedures are easily adoptable and require minimal investments.

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