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Perspective On Coconut Water AS A Potential Replacement Of Carbonated Drinks

Coconut water (Cocosnucifera L.) is an ancient tropical beverage whose popularity has been increasing in recent years. This ‘naturally canned' beverage is a sweet refreshing drink obtained directly from the inner part of the fruit. It is a beverage that has drawn the attention as a natural functional drink. Coconut water is sterile at source, and is very rich in potassium, and contains sodium, chloride, magnesium and carbohydrates. Therein, making it a healthier alternative to carbonated drinks including isotonic sports drinks. Apart from the lower calories due to lower sugar content, the non-carbonated coconut water is also a great source for replacing the electrolytes lost during sweating when compared to carbonated drinks. Ingestion of  carbonated drinksis known to be associated with gastrointestinal discomfort in certain individuals. Further, clinically coconut water may be used as an oral rehydration aid to replace fluids loss from the gastrointestinal tract in children and adults suffering from diarrhea-induced dehydration. It can also be used in some cases of  constipation as it aids the digestive system. The low-sugar, potassium-rich and magnesium containing coconut water is also a better choice as a flavoured beverage with cardioprotective properties for those with diabetes as well as hypertension. The anti- aging compound cytokinins and other antioxidants found in coconut water may promote cell division and healthier ageing. All in all, this “Mother Nature’s " gift of  coconut water, could be prized as the beverage above all other beverages for its health renewing properties.

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