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Advanced Processing Technologies For Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream , Coconut Mlik Powder And VCO

Coconut Milk Base Products in Sri Lanka

Coconut milk based industries are becoming more attractive to local entrepreneurs andgrowth of  export volumes are evident as per Coconut Development Authority records. Sri Lankan entrepreneurs export Coconut Cream. Coconut Milk & coconut milk powder as coconut milk base productsfor worldwide distribution. Most volumes are industrial bulks which are sentto another party as unbranded products. Few organizationsalso export then- branded products. Among them most visible are MAGGI, RUNUKA. and FLA 's products. Product specifications are complying withCodex and buyers specifications.

Manufacturing Technologies

Manufacturing steps of all three products mentioned above are common up to the process of  milk extraction. The down-stream process varies as per the manufacturing technology and product. Canned milk products use batch sterilizers (retorts) fo r  pasteurization. Foiled packed products use continues sterilizers such as UHT technology. Coconut milk powder manufacturing uses spray drying technology.

Good Practices

To make a good product it is essential to have technology in line with good practices. In this report we intend to discuss the key processing technologies along with good practices (good procurement & material handling practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and good Quality Assurance practices) which we have experienced in our industry.

Nestle Manufactures Coconut Milk Powder

In this report we mostly discuss our experience of  pioneering local coconut milk powder manufacture in Sri Lanka. Nestle has been manufacturing coconut milk powder at Kurunegala factory since 1989. Though, Nestle has sound research and development centers worldwide for multiple product categories, Coconut milk powder is unique because it is manufactured only in Sri Lanka and the knowledge has been developed largely in Sri Lanka. Product “Nestle MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder” is trusted worldwide by consumers as a truly Sri Lankan product with guaranteed quality of Nestle.

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