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The Supply Chain Of Coconut Products In The Philippines In Support Of Global Sustainability Of The Coconut Industry

The Philippines is home to some 340 million coconut trees and makes available some 15.5 billion coconuts for  processing into various products and by-products for  domestic and export market. The industry's around 40 export products and by products aggregately turn in USD 1.5 billion annually in export receipts making the coconut as the top earner in the agriculture sector. Given the enormity>  of  coconut products and by-products available in the trade, the paper delves only on the major coconut products and by-products as well as leading non-traditional coconut export products. The presentation starts with an overview of  the Philippine coconut industry’ for  a grasp  of  its depth, breadth and  capability as major global player in the coconut supply chain. The paper then tracks the supply chain  of  the primary products from  production to markets.

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